Membership Benefits | Dog Trainer Professional

Graduates of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) professional Dog Trainer Professional program become Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners (CTPs).

KPA believes that staying connected with CTPs after graduation can be as important to the success of these trainers as the education they received in the program. Accordingly, KPA offers the KPA CTP Membership program to all graduates.

The mission of the Membership program includes the following goals:

  • to help graduates build their businesses effectively and efficiently
  • to facilitate peer networking and community building
  • to provide lower-cost access to leading-edge continuing education
  • to have KPA graduates become the preferred trainer choice among pet owners and veterinary professionals in local markets as well as at the national and international levels.

Benefit highlights

  • Marketing and Advertising: Karen Pryor Academy markets the services of Certified Training Partners in North America and in other selected parts of the world where there are KPA alumni. Members benefit from the various ways in which KPA buys and manages advertising, from the prominence of the popular website, and from the access to national and regional media enjoyed by Karen Pryor Clickertraining (KPCT). Our efforts promote the advantages of choosing a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner over other trainers.
  • Find-a-Trainer: Our Find-a-Trainer feature puts the CTP’s businesses, locations, and contact information in front of thousands of new pet owners each month.
  • Professional Resources: Members can take advantage of educational discounts, group-rate liability insurance, continuing access to select course content, access to customizable marketing materials, and more.

There are three levels of Membership:

  1. Basic
  2. Plus
  3. Premium

Each membership level has been structured to suit the needs of CTPs at different stages of their business and professional development

Participation fees range from $100 to $325 US dollars per year.

Upon graduation from the Dog Trainer Professional program, all Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partners receive one year of complimentary Membership at the Premium level. Each year thereafter, CTPs may choose to continue membership at the level of their choice or opt out of Membership.