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Tricia Sverre's picture
Vancouver , BC
+1 (604) 561-4950
Services Offered:
Canine Align is a Vancouver, BC based company that is dedicated to providing a kind approach to dog training. Canine Align offers Private Training, Group Classes, Seminars & Events.
India Baker's picture
197 Vernon Street
Bethel , ME
+1 (207) 743-4690
Services Offered:
Puppy and Family Dog Manners, Shaping Games, Preparation for AKC Rally, Puppy Camp
Mary-Lou Vibrans's picture
9034 Springwood Avenue NE
Bainbridge Island , WA
+1 (206) 852-3155
Services Offered:
Puppy and Adult Manners, Agility Just for Fun, Parkour, Loose-Leash Walking, Noise Reduction, Behavior Modification for reactive dogs (private lessons only), Walk and Train, Vacation Visits, and some Overnight Boarding
Amanda McKitterick's picture
Corona , CA
+1 (951) 642-1338
Services Offered:
Free Behavior Consultations, Customized Private Training, New Puppy Program, Dog/Child Safety (age-appropriate educational presentations for schools or groups, focused on learning to read dog body language, appropriate interaction, and bite-prevention)
Beth Newcom's picture
15 Forest Drive
Rosewood Heights , IL
+1 (618) 258-7448
Services Offered:
Private training sessions. Training plans tailored for each individual's needs. Topics can include fear-free vet and grooming visits, basic manners, clicker skills, newly adopted dog, confidence building for shy dogs, behavior modifications for existing unwanted behaviors, and guidance to prevent future behavior issues. Free initial consultation. Intro presentations available for veterinary offices and 501c3 organizations.
Susan Signor's picture
556 Pine Mountain Drive
Yakima , WA
+1 (509) 594-6337
Services Offered:
Effective and efficient training using methods based on positive reinforcement. Fun for both ends of the leash! • Private training at your home or my facility • Puppy Start Right program—classes and private sessions • Foundation Skills class • Behavior problem consultations • Scent Work Games class
Molly Timko's picture
Port Orchard , WA
+1 (360) 271-0316
Services Offered:
Group Foundation Classes for Puppies Group Foundation Classes for Adolescents/Adults In-home Consultations/Training
Ettel Edshteyn's picture
Astoria , NY
+1 (347) 255-3452
Services Offered:
Private training, day training, boarding, and board and train.
Leanne Falkingham's picture
Cambridge , ON
+1 (630) 777-6090
Services Offered:
In-home consultations and lessons offering personalized information and training plans customized to a dog’s needs and personality. Most issues covered, from basic manners to resolution of problem behaviors. Day training for busy owners. Shelter consults and programs for shelter workers and volunteers.
Julia Hamilton's picture
Nelson , BC
+1 (250) 505-0774
Services Offered:
Group Classes; Private Consultations (In-Home and Long-Distance through Skype); Group Presentations and Seminars