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Lisa Paul's picture
Normal , IL
+1 (309) 310-2624
Services Offered:
Offering pre- and post-adoption consultations for puppies through adults, in-home training, good family dog manners, confidence-building foundation skills, tricks, and competition dog sports training.
Rebecca Brame's picture
314 Gates St
Philadelphia , PA
+1 (215) 688-2745
Services Offered:
Currently, Rebecca offers private sessions in puppy socialization, welcoming a new dog into the family, canine manners, obedience, problem-prevention/problem-solving, and helping dogs and kids coexist peacefully and safely.
Charmaine Anthony's picture
Oak Park , IL
+1 (708) 491-9371
Services Offered:
In-home private consultations providing training and behavior modification
Alice Tong's picture
Oakland , CA
+1 (510) 328-3647
Services Offered:
Alice specializes in highly personalized day-training packages for puppies, and in behavioral issues such as separation anxiety, reactivity/aggression, and other fear-based behaviors. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), she also prioritizes compassionate and respectful communication with the humans at the other end of the leash!
Cherry Windlinger's picture
7 Powderhorn Street
Houston , TX
+1 (281) 788-6373
Services Offered:
The Educated Pup offers in-home private lessons and in-home day school. We focus on teaching puppy and adult dog foundations skills, puppy socialization, advanced skills, pre-agility training (learning to work with your dog as a team), and behavior modification.
Brian Goldrick's picture
Holyoke , MA
+1 (413) 887-9655
Services Offered:
In-home private training behavior consultations specializing in fearful and timid dogs. I also consult with aggressive/reactive dogs and their handlers on a case-by-case basis.
Marlo Hiltz's picture
Longwood Ave
Richmond Hill , ON
+1 (416) 995-3304
Services Offered:
I offer private, in-home training (coaching you how to train your dog), day training (where I train your dog for you), dog-walking, visits for pets at home while you travel, and boarding for small social dogs.
Estella Meraz's picture
10555 W Maple
Wichita , KS
+1 (316) 722-1921
Services Offered:
• Puppy Socialization Classes • Basic Obedience Classes • In-home or Private Training • Behavior Modification On Tuesday nights, I offer a Puppy Start Right class followed by a Basic Obedience class. I also offer a drop-off puppy preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Private behavior modification and in-home training available by appointment.
Lindsay Wood's picture
1211 Old Graves Mill Road
Lynchburg , VA
+1 (804) 317-0634
Services Offered:
Lindsay is an associate Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist dedicated to supporting clients and their pets by designing and implementing science-based behavior modification treatment plans for a variety of behavior concerns including fearful behavior, resource guarding, dog/dog incompatibilities, and handling sensitivities. • Private behavior consultations for resolution of behavior problems • Basic manners group training classes • Specialty classes, including Agility and Control Unleashed • "Grumpy Growler" classes for dog-dog reactivity • Private training lessons
Kristi Gravrock's picture
Woodinville , WA
+1 (425) 949-8548
Services Offered: