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Sara Marshall's picture
Osterville , MA
+1 (508) 367-1076
Services Offered:
Private Lessons, Behavior Consultations. Group classes resuming in Summer '18!
Sarah Pellizzari's picture
Colorado Springs , CO
+1 (919) 412-4966
Services Offered:
Therapy-Dog Training classes; helping agencies start therapy-dog programs
Diane Wakabayashi's picture
Services Offered:
Bryony Aviles's picture
66 N. Main St. #211
Branford , CT
+1 (203) 689-2011
Services Offered:
Puppy socialization, puppy training, basic manners training, intermediate "real world" training, private sessions, day training, and help with getting a new puppy.
Shelly Brouwer's picture
Hopkins , MN
Services Offered:
Private, in-home consultations.
Kailly Muthard's picture
Allentown , PA
+1 (484) 602-4054
Services Offered:
In-home, private dog training Day training Behavior walks Group classes at Great Companions, LLC
Julia Hamilton's picture
Nelson , BC
+1 (250) 505-0774
Services Offered:
Jan Gould's picture
334 Country Meadow Rd
Chimacum , WA
+1 (541) 420-3284
Services Offered:
Agility, Puppy, and Adult Manners classes are offered in small group settings or privately. Training for reactive and fearful dogs is offered as private lessons.
April Williams's picture
Seabrook, Melbourne
+61 416 597 123
Services Offered:
Dog Training, Dog Grooming, “Positive Start to Grooming” Puppy Programme, Doggy Playdates, Dog-walking, Pet-minding, In-home Pet Care, Dog Transportation
Shelly Wood's picture
Cape Girardeau , MO
+1 (573) 837-9352
Services Offered:
Drop Your Jaws offers in-home, private consultation and coaching as well as group classes including the entry-level Foundations for Fun class.