Laura Monaco Torelli Helps Train a Rescue Dog on Chicago TV

Karen Pryor Academy (KPA) Certified Training Partner (CTP) and ClickerExpo faculty member Laura Monaco Torelli was again featured on Chicago’s WCIU-TV program You & Me This Morning. In a segment called Colleen and Rescue Dog, Lola, Laura worked with the show’s producer, Colleen, and her brother Ryan, the new owner of a rescued pit-bull-mix named Lola. Something in Lola’s past made her wary of Colleen, and the siblings hoped to build a more positive relationship.

Founder of Animal Behavior Training Concepts, Laura is known for sharing her animal-training and behavior expertise not just on TV and through other media (including the Karen Pryor Clicker Training website), but in classes and private training.

In this appearance, Laura worked with Lola, Ryan, and Colleen several times in person, and then supported their continued training by phone. She explained to Colleen and Ryan, as well as to the You & Me This Morning hosts, how rescued animals are often fearful and need space, rather than increased attention, to develop comfort with new people. Using treats and time, the gradual approach worked well with Lola; the end of the segment included video of Lola actually sitting to earn treats from Colleen. The show hopes to follow up in January.

Watch the videos and discussion on WCIU-TV here

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