Learning Goals | PSR

Puppy Start Right for Instructors is designed to give you everything you need to successfully teach and market your own puppy socialization classes.

Upon completing the course, you will be able to:

  • Define the major developmental periods of dogs and the significance of each stage
  • Recognize and understand canine body language
  • Identify signs of fear in puppies and dogs
  • Define and understand operant conditioning, classical conditioning, classical counterconditioning, and desensitization
  • Identify the defining characteristics of the canine socialization period
  • Understand how to implement a proactive approach to ensure that socialization is positive
  • Know how to react if a puppy becomes frightened
  • Teach clicker mechanics and foundation behaviors to puppy parents
  • Prevent or solve common puppy behavior problems
  • Recognize symptoms of common contagious diseases and viruses, and know how they are transmitted
  • Identify optimal characteristics of a location for a puppy socialization class
  • Recognize class style strategies/format to maximize enrollment
  • Calculate potential class expenses and instructor compensation options
  • Maximize potential puppy class referral sources
  • Recognize when and how to interrupt puppy play
  • Set up and make exploration fun for puppies
  • Use the Puppy Start Right Preschool™ curriculum to its maximum potential