Learning Goals

The Smart Reinforcement course will teach you to:

  • condition novel stimuli as reinforcers in a step-by-step plan
  • increase and maintain the value of any reinforcer
  • evaluate reinforcer effectiveness
  • determine the motivating factor behind natural reinforcers
  • use reinforcement variety accurately and effectively
  • understand how reinforcement variety differs from schedules of reinforcement
  • teach clients how to incorporate non-food reinforcers into their training
  • understand the risks of poor use of variable-reinforcement schedules
  • transfer the value of play to dog sports and everyday activities that you would like to enjoy with your dog
  • establish a universal reinforcement system that can be used for all future training endeavors with your dog
  • identify which reinforcers to use in which situations
  • understand some of the terminology from both the science and the practical training world
  • define and describe schedules of reinforcement from the scientific literature