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Hello there! It’s nice to have you here.  :)

My name is Kat and I am a dog trainer and teacher in Austria. I am the owner of Teaching Dogs and I spend most of my time teaching adults and children and training dogs, cats, degus, and my own horse.


After finishing university I started to work as a teacher, since teaching humans is my passion. I am also very passionate about our four-legged, furry friends! After welcoming my bearded collie, Kiwu, I sought out more education in the field of animal training and behavior. Kiwu was a special dog and the best teacher I could ever imagine. My professional dog-training journey started in April 2017 when I opened my own business.

Education and learning are the most important parts of my life. I try to take in as much information as possible—my library is stuffed with books and my weekends are often packed with interesting and insightful learning opportunities.

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My aim is to help people and their pets by meeting their unique needs. With individual, tailored training plans, we work on and achieve the set goals together. Lesson topics range from basic pet-dog manners to addressing special situations or problems. The goals are to solve problems and improve relationships. 

Private coaching (in-home) to solve behavioral problems, such as:

  • separation anxiety
  • cats and dogs living under the same roof
  • dog/dog reactivity
  • anxiety
  • greeting visitors
  • alert barking

I also offer group sessions, including:

  • social walks
  • dogs in the city (being comfortable in different environments and situations)
  • nosework
  • manners 1x1
  • medical training
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Private lessons and group sessions
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