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Peter’s mission is to help dog owners build healthy, trusting relationships with their pets. His approach is based on force-free, positive reinforcement that helps owners teach their pets basic skills and manners for living a happy and healthy life together.

In Neuilly-sur-Seine and in Paris, whatever your schedule, Peter can provide effective, customized training for you and your dog of any age, from two-month-old puppies through adult animals.


Peter started training dogs 25 years ago, using mainly coercive methods and achieving varying degrees of success.

In 2009, he read his first books about clicker training and positive reinforcement. He put lessons from those books into practice and has never looked back. In 2017, Peter took his teaching and training skills to the next level, successfully completing the KPA Dog Trainer Professional course under the mentorship of Terry Ryan. Peter is now a KPA CTP (Certified Training Partner).

Peter lives in Neuilly-sur-Seine, a Paris suburb, with his wife and his Siberian husky, Ayiana.

Services Offered: 

Peter offers pet owners, animal shelters, and veterinary clinics consultations on the following topics:

  • One-on-One Dog Training
  • Puppy Classes
  • Group Dog Training (groups of up to 4 owner/pet pairs) 
  • Social Walks
  • Help with Behaviour Issues
  • Reducing Stress in Shelter Animals
  • Teaching People Dog Calming Signals as a Second Language
  • Making Veterinary Visits Fear-Free for Dogs and Cats
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One-on-One Dog Training; Group Dog Training; Social Walks; Puppy Classes; Reducing Stress in Shelter Animals; Teaching Calming Signals as a Second Language; Making Veterinary Visits Fear-Free
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92200 Paris, Neuilly-sur-Seine


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