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Training Wheels is owned and operated by Jamie Flanagan. Jamie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner.

In 2008 after volunteering with a non-profit spay/neuter organization Jamie was inspired to make a career change toward animal training. Jamie worked as an Animal Care Attendant at her local shelter while she studied dog behavior and animal learning at Wags & Wiggles, an award-winning daycare & training facility in Orange County, California.

After completing a rigorous apprenticeship and hundreds of hours teaching people and their dogs Jamie earned her certification as a professional dog trainer in 2011. 

At that time Jamie relocated to Colorado to pursue a specialty in shelter animal behavior modification at the progressive Humane Society of Boulder Valley where she continues to work and volunteer. 

Training shelter animals has given Jamie experience with a wide spectrum of behavior in dogs including fear, reactivity, food guarding, separation anxiety, and puppy socialization.

In her off time Jamie enjoys hiking, rock climbing, and archery. 

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