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Tamela is a CPTD-KA Certified Dog Trainer.

Tamela offers dog training with private lessons at a facility in SE Portland and/or in your home.   Tamela can exercise then train your dog for you then teach you how to be the best, most scientifically proven all-positive methods.  

Want a dog that LOVES to learn?  Tamela takes the complication out of dog training making it easy and fun.

She believes a great dog-human relationship is based on the best communication, reciprocal trust and the pleasure of one another's company.  Then you can take that from your home to the park, on the sidewalk, in the car, virtually anywhere!


I have a huge respect for animals and humans alike and I am truly passionate about helping animals and their people be the best they can be!  I began training dogs in 2006 and have worked with animals professionally for 20+ years doing walking/exercising/structured playdates and group hikes. I enjoy using all-positive reinforcement and am excited to help others get the results they are looking for as quickly as possible especially using my skills as a Certified Clicker Trainer through Karen Pryor Academy. I am also a certified Tellington TTouch Practitioner. TTouch is a technique that helps dogs overcome anxiety and fear, and provides a unique learning opportunity using specialized equipment, groundwork, and touches.  In addition, I am a certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner which allows me to use energy to help shift animals energy. Frequently I volunteer with dogs at the Family Dogs New Life Shelter.

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Facility and in-home training for puppies and dogs - contact tamela@petlandiapetcare.com.
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+1 (503) 313-9660
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+1 (503) 313-9660
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