Why Choose a KPA CTP

All dogs deserve great trainers. Every Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) is a graduate of our Dog Trainer Professional program and has demonstrated excellent technical knowledge and hands-on skills in positive teaching and training. A KPA CTP is a trainer you and your pets can count on.

Selecting a KPA CTP from our Find-a-Trainer search means that your trainer:

  • Is skilled in using positive teaching and training techniques with you and your pet to make training fun.
  • Is educated about using science and behavior-based methods to make training more efficient.
  • Can customize a training program specifically designed to help you and your pet communicate and succeed together.
  • Participates in programs for quality assurance and continuing education to ensure the training you receive is based on modern research and technology.
  • Pledges to teach and train using force-free principles so that you and your dog develop a bond built on trust and respect.

With more than 1300 Certified Training Partners in the US and Canada (and others around the world), you probably have one near you! Find a trainer in your area

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Find a Trainer in your area

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November CTP of the Month 2017.

Celine Yang‘s, KPA CTP, interest in dog training was triggered when she and her brand-new husband added Severus Snape, a shiba inu puppy, to their family.
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