Better Veterinary Visits

This RACE CE-approved course, a collaboration with the Fear Free℠ initiative, provides veterinary care teams with practical, easy-to-implement protocols that will transform the experience of the dogs and cats in your care. Our efficient, science-based training techniques will empower veterinary professionals to create enjoyable visits for pets, their owners, and your team.

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"This is a comprehensive and enjoyable course that will benefit any veterinary professional looking to enhance their training and behavior knowledge. The fact that it perfectly complements and integrates with Fear Free protocols makes it all the more valuable."
--Debbie Martin, LVT, VTS (Behavior), KPA CTP

Benefits of this course
SAVE TIME and frustration by using positive protocols.
REDUCE STRESS on pets by being proactive rather than reactive.
HELP CLIENTS address common behavior issues with step-by-step training guides.