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Rachel Lees's picture
9680 Columbia Road
Olmsted Falls, OH
+1 (440) 334-8534
Services Offered:
The Behavior Clinic offers puppy socialization classes, kitten kindergarten, group classes, and private training evaluations. The Behavior Clinic also offers behavioral consultations with veterinarian Dr. Elizabeth Feltes.
Amy Creaven's picture
Golden, CO
+1 (720) 891-8636
Services Offered:
New Dog Search In-home training for basic manners In-home training for behavioral issues Home Day Training
Elizabeth Nissen's picture
5817 Concord Ave.
Edina, MN
+1 (952) 270-4253
Services Offered:
Behavior issues, Canine Manners, Help finding the right dog, Puppy foundations
Ami Jones's picture
8144 Newark Avenue
Westerville, OH
+1 (614) 425-0180
Services Offered:
In-home Behavioral Counseling/Training, Pet Training (Not just dogs!), Private Lessons, Group Classes, Helping You Choose the Right Pet for Your Family, Preparing for Your New Arrival (baby or pet), Helping You Solve Your Animal Behavior Problems, Family Training (and How to Keep Kids Safe)
Alice Tong's picture
Oakland, CA
+1 (510) 328-3647
Services Offered:
Behavioral issues Alice commonly works with include teaching reactive/aggressive dogs to choose calm behaviors, actively counter-conditioning shy and fearful dogs to new "scary" things (like strangers, other dogs, bikes, new environments, sounds, etc.), and teaching impulse control along with basic manners to high energy dogs or new puppies.
Shawn Kay's picture
3900 SE Aldercrest Dr.
Milwaukee, OR
+1 (503) 679-8501
Services Offered:
Private in-home training sessions and consultations. Day training. Group Classes coming soon!
Jennifer Kolar's picture
Seattle, WA
+1 (206) 486-2714
Services Offered:
Service and therapy dog training and certification. Customized individualized obedience and behavioral training. Temperament testing and dog selection. New dog integration and introductions. Canine Good Citizen evaluation.
Pam Hixson's picture
19084 Beaverson Road
Tahlequah, OK
+1 (918) 456-1378
Services Offered:
From group classes to private classes to in-home training, we can find the right class for you. Come explore the wonderful world of dogs and dog training. There is something for every dog and human: basic manners, foundation work, confidence-building games. And, if you are thinking about adding a furry friend, I can help you make the right choice!
Richard Tamborski's picture
3400 West 111th Street
Chicago, IL
+1 (312) 953-2240
Services Offered:
In-home consultations regarding behavior enhancement, pre-puppy preparation guidance, and cat-dog friendship-building. Classes in Life Skills (Basic and Advanced), Agility, Tricks, Treibball, and Relationship-building. Services are flexible to fit the individual needs of you and your dog