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Stacy Totten's picture
2629 Southern Rd
Richfield , OH
+1 (216) 533-4051
Services Offered:
Meadow Run offers private lessons, puppy classes, and boarding (with or without training). We pride ourselves in creating a unique program for each dog when he is here, whether for training or boarding, so that his experience will be very positive, and he will look forward to coming back.
Karen Wylie's picture
Hopewell Township, NJ
+1 (609) 213-7577
Services Offered:
In-home consultations to address aspects of dog companionship, from basic or advanced manners to everyday behavior problems. Day training for busy owners who recognize that a professional trainer can achieve faster and more consistent results. Walk-and-train services for busy or mobility-impaired owners, or owners with behaviorally difficult dogs.
Kim Robertson's picture
416 4th Ave East
Owen Sound, ON
+1 (519) 371-5336
Services Offered:
Puppy classes, Manners classes, Individual training sessions, Individual behaviour consultations to assist with anxiety or other problems, Private dog training for owners with disabilities, Introduction to service-dog skills such as picking up toys, shutting doors or drawers, finding the TV remote or car keys
Janine Gauthier's picture
Services Offered:
Charmaine Anthony's picture
917 South Kenilworth Ave
Oak Park, IL
+1 (708) 491-9371
Services Offered:
In-home private consultations providing training and behavior modification
Gure Garmendia's picture
Seattle, WA
+1 (206) 618-5147
Services Offered:
Private sessions, day training, and board & train
Karin Liebrand's picture
Austin, TX
+1 (512) 466-6254
Services Offered:
Puppy socialization and training classes, Leash-walking classes, Manners classes, private in-home training and consultations, Walk ’n’ Train, Canine Field Trips, and Outdoor Outings
Danielle Spady's picture
Berthoud, CO
+1 (720) 285-6114
Services Offered:
Custom private lessons, basic training, limited group classes
Casey Lomonaco's picture
Binghamton, NY
+1 (607) 725-1927
Services Offered:
Semi Private and Private lessons, Behavioral consultations, Group foundation classes, Games and Tricks Class, Introduction to Service Dog Task Training, Scent Games Class, Puppy classes, Walk and Train, Off leash, supervised play groups, Dog Scouts of America troop membership and activities, Phone/email consultations, Pre-adoption counseling
Valerie Siemers Reiter's picture
Wilhelminastraat 63
Services Offered:
Valerie is available on demand for individual training, workshops, lectures, and short courses in clicker training.