Concept Training: Let's Get Started

For more than a decade, Ken Ramirez has captivated audiences with his series on concept training—the process of teaching an animal an idea or a set of rules that will allow him to generalize beyond a specific cued behavior to a broader concept. Audience enthusiasm for this popular topic at ClickerExpo has led Ken to create an online course to help trainers take their skills to a higher level.

Take this online course anywhere in the world, and start at any time!

Benefits of this course:

  • Enrich your animal’s life with new challenges
  • Sharpen your own training skills
  • Strengthen your relationship and bond

No matter which areas of concept training interest you (matching-to-sample, modifiers, adduction, imitation, counting, etc.), your animal will need a set of foundational skills. Concept Training: Let’s Get Started provides a thorough understanding of how to teach those skills.