Dog Sports Essentials

Confidence on all surfaces, self-control, solid cues, ability to work in distracting environments and at a distance, body awareness, handling skills, and a robust reinforcement toolbox. These competencies and more are the cornerstones of success in dog sports.

Karen Pryor Academy’s comprehensive online Dog Sports Essentials course provides the framework to get you and your canine athlete started, or to improve your existing sports career. Two hours of personalized coaching support from course authors, Karen Mielke and Lynne Stephens, are included in the price of tuition. Read more about their credentials here.

Whether you’re already in the ring, or just playing in the backyard, master the core skills and concepts necessary to excel in ANY dog sport!

Take this online course anywhere in the world, and start at any time!

Skills & Sports Covered

Course Benefits

  • Excel in any dog sport by building solid behaviors and chains that hold up in distracting settings
  • Teach your dog core concepts such as play and self-control, hind-end awareness, and confidence on all surfaces
  • Strengthen your handling skills, relationship, and ability to work at a distance