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Jennifer Kolar's picture
Seattle, WA
+1 (206) 486-2714
Services Offered:
Service and therapy dog training and certification. Customized individualized obedience and behavioral training. Temperament testing and dog selection. New dog integration and introductions. Canine Good Citizen evaluation.
Scotti Harvey's picture
Bainbridge Island, WA
+1 (206) 890-2249
Services Offered:
Private in-home lessons in manners and obedience. Specializing in training pets and service dogs to perform tasks for people with or without disabilities. Pet selection counseling. Puppy socialization classes and continuing education for a lifetime of learning. Professional care and training for your pets and livestock while you are away.
Iuliana Reich's picture
Monmouth County, NJ
+1 (732) 663-9364
Services Offered:
Behavior Consultations, Private and Group Class Training, Puppy Consultation and Socialization Program
Brittanie Pivinski's picture
Tacoma, WA
+1 (253) 328-3436
Services Offered:
Puppy classes, puppy socialization, obedience classes, weekend bully-breed group classes, in-home consultations. All classes are offered as group and/or private lessons.
Patricia Stokely's picture
Crystal Lake, IL
+1 (815) 341-0763
Services Offered:
Family dog training including puppy and adult foundation training and problem-solving. Therapy Dog training classes.
Laura Devine Hills's picture
7620 N. Oak Trafficway
Kansas City, MO
+1 (816) 436-7768
Services Offered:
Small group classes and private instruction are offered in puppy socialization, kitten socialization, family manners, dog agility, canine freestyle, therapy dog preparation, rally, tracking, Canine Good Citizen, and preparing your pets for your new baby. Behavior modification consultations are available at our facility or in your home.
Raymond Wong's picture
Park Island
Ma Wan, NTW
Services Offered:
Private in-home consultations, including clicker training, problem behavior modification, basic obedience training, manners, and dog walking
Linda Bobot's picture
Milwaukee, WI
+1 (414) 282-7534
Services Offered:
In-home and private training for puppies and adult dogs. Training session topics include: basic behaviors, behavior modification, service and therapy dog training. Special interest in fear-based behavior, anxiety, and post-adoption behavior. CGC evaluator
Lynne Luckow's picture
W157 N10822 Catskill Lane
Germantown, WI
+1 (414) 699-7727
Services Offered:
Private behavior modification consultation and training using TACT-infused protocols Operation Socialization Certified trainer-Puppy Foundation Classes Adolescent DWI (Dogs With Issues) group classes Shelter/rescue/reactive dog rehab and training Specialized training in competitive and reactive dog agility
Roz Ferber's picture
Arlington, VA
+1 (703) 229-4960
Services Offered:
Basic to Advanced Manners Classes (Levels 1 – 4), Day Training, Private Training, Puppy and Tween Socials, CGC Preparation and Testing, Specialty Classes (City Walks, Tricks, Agility For Fun, Confidence Building, Therapy Dog, and Reactive Dogs), Workshops (Recalls, Jumping, Games, Leash Walking, Dog Play, Targeting, and Treibball)