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Alice Tong's picture
Oakland, CA
+1 (415) 533-4411
Services Offered:
Behavioral issues Alice commonly works with include teaching reactive/aggressive dogs to choose calm behaviors, actively counter-conditioning shy and fearful dogs to new "scary" things (like strangers, other dogs, bikes, new environments, sounds, etc.), and teaching impulse control along with basic manners to high energy dogs or new puppies.
Lori Gwyr's picture
School Street & Concord Street
Framingham, MA
Services Offered:
Perfect Puppy and Good Dog in-home training programs | Wayland, Sudbury, Weston, Natick (north) and Framingham (north) | Evenings and weekends
Linda Legare's picture
4488 280th St. East
Randolph, MN
+1 (507) 263-3436
Services Offered:
Working with anxious dogs for basic manners and relaxation.Both private lessons and classes offered. New puppy classes. Boarding, grooming for all breeds.
Jane Fallander's picture
189 Amherst Street
Saint Paul, MN
+1 (651) 335-9374
Services Offered:
Private training, behavior consultations, K9 Nose Work, beginning and pre-agility classes, puppy classes, and tricks
Karen Kaua's picture
110 Lone Dove Lane
Murphys, CA
+1 (209) 736-6989
Services Offered:
Boarding for dogs and cats Private dog training lessons Canine Good Citizen and C.L.A.S.S. Evaluations Agility lessons and equipment built to order
Cheryll Bradford's picture
East Bernard, TX
+1 (979) 253-2303
Services Offered:
Mic and Mac Dog Training offers flexible a class schedule, puppy socialization, basic obedience classes and in-home private classes.
Janet Velenovsky's picture
17507 Millfield Lane
Montpelier, VA
+1 (804) 883-1014
Services Offered:
Private behavior consulting for any problem behaviors in dogs and cats. Private training and therapy dog consulting. Serves Richmond & the Central Virginia area. Puppy socialization classes and basic obedience. Rally, agility, and nosework class instruction. Freelance writer and speaker. Expert witness experience. Canine Good Citizen evaluator.
Sarah Surritt's picture
Encinitas, CA
+1 (858) 336-3590
Services Offered:
Behavioral consultations for in-home training. Ongoing private one-on-one training and day training programs for specific behavior modification, impulse control, aggression, or puppy training needs. Group classes, including AKC CGC, Tricks, Manners Levels, Puppy Manners, AKC Star Puppy, Puppy Socialization, Loose-leash walking, and more
Laura VanArendonk Baugh's picture
Indianapolis, IN
+1 (317) 966-6635
Services Offered:
Private in-home sessions, small group classes, seminars and workshops, video consultations, onsite consultations, sport introductions (tracking, obedience, etc.), problem-solving and modification for problem behaviors, Canine Good Citizen training and testing, teaching clicker training to other trainers
Teoti Anderson's picture
Lexington, SC
+1 (803) 334-0174
Services Offered:
Group classes: Family Manners, Rally for Fun Private lessons: Puppy Head Start, Housetraining Help, Behavior Issues