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sydney's picture
Toronto , ON
+1 (416) 939-2853
Services Offered:
Flexible schedule, pre-puppy consultations, private puppy classes, customized adolescent-dog classes, customized puppy socials, socialization field trips, problem-solving for everyday dog challenges
Pamela Leland's picture
Colorado Springs , CO
+1 (719) 499-8294
Services Offered:
Training classes include: 1.) Freestyle & Rally-Freestyle (Individual & Team routines for Freestyle); 2.) Canine Good Citizen (Basic, Advanced, and Urban); 3.) AKC and 'Do More With Your Dog' Trick Classes (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert & Performer); 4.) Rock Solid Manners Class; 5.) Component Training: technical skill training for Obedience, Rally, and Freestyle; 6.) Reactive Dog Private Sessions (dog to dog aggression cases, environmental management, calming techniques); 7.) Clicker Puppy Class; 8.) Play & Games Class: this is a one-session only confidence course for all ages of dogs. It's a blast! Additional offerings include: 1.) Rabbit agility and rabbit hopping training classes; 2.) 4-H dog training; 3.) Training for cats, birds, rabbits, pigs, donkeys, horses, and llamas. Affiliated with Canine Solutions Dog Training Center, 3318 Adobe Court in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Kathy Fischer's picture
Berthoud , CO
+1 (720) 272-9145
Services Offered:
In-home custom privates, topic-driven private lesson packages. We teach and provide solutions for: the new puppy, everyday obedience/manners, problem behaviors, and jobs for dogs.
Angela Eaton's picture
27161 Ridge Trail
Conifer , CO
+1 (303) 947-0611
Services Offered:
Private and Group Classes; Behavior Modification Consultation; Private In-home Sessions; Puppy Life Skills; Basic Manners for Adolescent & Adult Dogs; Working, Competition, and Performance Dog Skills; Scent Detection/Indication; Connection and Communication with Dogs; Seminars and Workshops.
Amélie Hupé's picture
698 rue de l'Horizon
Rimouski , QC
+1 (418) 732-9448
Services Offered:
Customized services: private classes, seminars, behavior problems, help in choosing a dog, training
Debi Buchholz's picture
301 Cardinal Lane
Kalispell , MT
+1 (406) 270-5382
Services Offered:
Private and group classes: Puppy Start Right, Puppy Kindergarten, Family Dog, Rally-O, Obedience, Agility for Fun, Agility 1-3 for competition, Tricks, Problem-Solving, Conformation & Ring Handling, AKC CGC classes & Evaluation, 4-H classes In-home Consultations and Training
Cheryl Callander's picture
Columbus , OH
Services Offered:
Helping owners build a great relationship with their dogs through positive reinforcement training and play. Private training for puppies and adult dogs.
Gillian Cross's picture
Bearsden, Glasgow
Services Offered:
Humane education programmes, dog behaviour and training services, clicker training workshops for caregivers & other trainers, various fun workshops i.e., assistance based activities, husbandry, loose-lead walking, recall, tricks etc.
Wendy Katz's picture
Lexington , KY
+1 (859) 333-0926
Services Offered:
Puppy socialization classes. In-home and in-park private lessons. Basic manners training, help with behavior problems. Preparation for therapy dog certification and foundation behaviors for dog sports. Fun and useful tricks to enrich your dog's life and your relationship together. Fun for the whole family!
Jamie Bozzi's picture
Palm Desert , CA
+1 (619) 246-5634
Services Offered:
Private training and behavior modification available for fear, anxiety, and aggression. Workshops and seminars on a variety of canine-related topics for general public and pet professionals.