Smart Reinforcement

Smart Reinforcement™ teaches you how to use non-food reinforcers effectively. Non-food reinforcers can become as powerful as, or more than, food alone, but only when integrated systematically. Smart Reinforcement is that system.

Ken Ramirez developed the Smart Reinforcement system and has lectured on elements of it in seminars throughout the world. This online course pulls together all of the elements into one place for the first time. It includes new lessons and practices previously unavailable, and provides a highly cost-effective opportunity for structured one-to-one feedback from Ken on your training.

Read why Ken Ramirez created this course, in his own words.

Take this online course anywhere in the world, and start at any time!

Smart Reinforcement teaches you to:

  • introduce non-food reinforcers systematically
  • condition novel stimuli as reinforcers
  • increase and maintain the value of any reinforcer
  • understand the motivating factor behind natural reinforcers
  • evaluate the effectiveness of any reinforcer
  • integrate reinforcement variety accurately and effectively
  • describe how reinforcement variety differs from schedules of reinforcement
  • show clients how to incorporate non-food reinforcers into their training
  • dramatically increase your reinforcement options
  • build stronger trainer-animal relationships