Train Your Cat!

Train a cat ... can you? Should you? The answer is yes! A little training with your cat will go a long way. Training will deepen the relationship your cat has with you, provide tremendous enrichment activities for your cat, and even reduce many common behavior problems. Our online course is packed with cat-specific training exercises and videos that will show you how to train everything from fun tricks like “high five” to valuable daily-life behaviors like going into a cat carrier on cue. It requires no previous training experience, and you can start it any time and progress at your own pace!

Why train a cat? Read what Karen Pryor has to say about how training can help your cat. The answer may surprise you! Click here.

Benefits of this course

    TEACH your cat useful skills like going into a carrier

    ENRICH your cat's life with fun, practical games

    ALLEVIATE problem behaviors like scratching and jumping up